Disclaimer: This guide is designed for those without electrical knowledge. The suggestions are to fault find without coming into contact with live wiring/parts. Do not remove any covers on electrical equipment. If in any doubt call an electrician and do not attempt any work yourself.

As I’m sure you are aware lights in your property are crucial to the habitability of your property. It sounds obvious but it’s kind of hard to see at night without lights!

That’s why it can be a massive problem when there are issues with your properties lighting.

We would like to discuss the common problems faced with lighting and some of the potential fixes that you may be able to perform yourself.

Lights Tripping

So you’ve got no lights at all working? This at first glance might seem like a significant problem but sometimes can easily be resolved.

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Light Not Working

You’ve got a problem with a single light fitting? Although sometimes it seems basic, sometimes you may forget little things..

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