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Lighting Installation Canberra For Your Home

Lighting Installation Canberra – Capital Home Electrical offers both residential and business lighting installation and ceiling fan installation services if you need new lights/fans or want to enhance your existing lighting.

Lighting Installation Canberra / Ceiling Fan Installation & Repairs

Capital Home Electrical is Canberra’s one-stop shop for high-quality lighting and ceiling/exhaust fans. We can assist you in making the transition to more energy-efficient lighting technologies such as CFL and LED. CHE also have direct access to the famed range of IXL Tastic bathroom lights/exhaust fans in Canberra as a local IXL service agent.

We can assist with picking the best lighting and wiring solutions for both indoor and outdoor locations because the lighting is so important to how we feel in a space.

Capital Home Electrical can also provide information on the most efficient and cost-effective ways to light your house or business to help you save money on your electricity costs.

Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting is the most energy-efficient lighting option available to Canberra homeowners. LED lights, on average, create more light while using less energy. They are somewhat more energy-efficient than compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), which are in turn more energy-efficient than incandescent and halogen lights in the lighting hierarchy.

You may need to replace your existing lighting infrastructure if you want to become more energy-efficient or add outside lights. Capital home Electrical is a licensed Canberra electrician who can upgrade/replace light fittings, ballasts, electrical wiring, switchboards, as well as switches and dimmers.

Capital Home Electrical can handle all of your home lighting needs in Canberra, including:

  • Floor lights
  • Recessed ceiling lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Wall lights
  • LED Downlights
  • Kitchen Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Security Lights
  • Garden Lights
  • Bathroom lights
  • Outdoor lights – for gardens and entertaining / pool areas
  • Outdoor security lights (with motion sensors)

Ceiling and Exhaust Fans

We supply and install a wide choice of ceiling fans and exhaust fans. All of our products come with a complete guarantee.

When compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans are quite affordable to buy and operate in Canberra. In the winter, ceiling fans that can reverse at a low speed can help circulate hot air.

It goes without saying that every kitchen and bathroom in Canberra needs quality exhaust fans.

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Capital Home Electrical can handle all of your commercial and residential electrical requirements. We take pleasure in taking the time to understand your needs and providing fair rates and guaranteed work. 

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