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We’re expanding & looking for the right people to join our team! 

Canberra electricians

Your perfect day working at Capital Home Electrical:

Imagine driving to work in your neatly organised work van. Everything has a place. You know what needs to be done for the day, thanks to your calendar. You’re looking forward to another great day at work.

You arrive at your first job. The client is wonderful and happy to see you. You get to have a great conversation before getting stuck into the work.

The work today is different. Yesterday you had to rough in an office fit-out and today you’re working in a beautiful home. No two days are the same.

As the day progresses you check in with the boss. He wants to have a friendly chat about your weekend and how things are going. He reminds you that you’re doing a great job. You feel appreciated.

The day goes quite fast as you get your work done. Before you know it, all of your jobs for the day have been completed. It’s a little early, but you get to go home and spend time with your family.

What’s in it for you?

1. Fantastic salary. We value your talent!
2. Work-life Balance – work normal hours with little to
no weekend or after-hours work.
3. Excellent vehicle, phone, equipment and tools.
4. A company that cares about your overall well-being.
5. Be part of our team that aims to provide
extraordinary service and quality to the community of
Canberra. A team that finds a way to give back to the
6. Have a chance to work in different industries.

What we need:

1. Over 2 years in the industry working on a variety of different projects.
2. Concise communications skills are key. So, as well as having solid English language skills, both written and verbal, you’ll need to be able to break down complex problems and communicate them with your team.
3. Leadership. This is important. As an early adopter in the team, you’ll need to inspire recruits with your positive, self-motivated and solution-oriented mindset. There is room for the right individual to greatly develop their career with us.
4. The ability to think independently and work autonomously. Decisions often need to be made without being answered. So, you’ll need to be comfortable working in an environment with limited information.
5. A sense of fun and work hard, play hard attitude. We pride ourselves on Grade-A work every time but do it while enjoying ourselves.

Let’s talk! We’re very eager to meet you!

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