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Lights Tripping

So you’ve got no lights at all working? This at first glance might seem like a significant problem but sometimes can easily be resolved.

  • First thing to do is to check the switchboard. Make sure all the switches are in the up position. If any of the switches are in the off position then reset them to the on position. If they reset then test all the lights, everything should be working OK.
  • If the switch will not reset then make sure all the light switches are in the off position and try resetting the switches again. If this time the switch resets then you can go ahead and try a switch one at a time. Keep trying each switch until the circuit trips again. This should indicate which light has the fault. You may continue to use all the other lights and leave the faulty light off until an electrician attends to repair.
  • If the switch will still not reset there will be a fault with the overall lighting wiring. An electrician will need to attend to fault find and repair.

Note: If you have ceramic fuse holders like the ones pictured you may not be able to perform any fault finding yourself and you may have to call an electrician.

If you are having any issues or doubts please don’t hesitate to call Capital Home Electrical anytime for advice or to book in a repair.