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VIR Cables Canberra – Why Replacing Them Is The Best Choice!

VIR cable

VIR cables Canberra (Vulcanized Indian Rubber)

VIR Cables Canberra were used in thousands of Australian homes and government structures from 1910 to the 1950s. They consist of a tinned conductor with a rubber covering used as the insulation material.  

As they age, VIR cable wiring systems may break down. It can quickly become a serious electrical risk at home. The insulation material used on these cables will dry out causing cables to become brittle. When this happens, the copper of the cables can become exposed, increasing the danger of electric shocks, fire, or an immediate loss of power due to a short circuit rupturing the protective fuses or tripping the circuit breaker or safety switch. 

Currently, VIR cables no longer meet Australian standards for electrical installation. They’re also no longer accepted for domestic applications. As electricians, it’s our goal to keep your homes safe from electrical hazards. Read on to know why you need to have your VIR cable wiring system replaced.  

VIR cables are so 1950s 

Things are invented for a reason – to create a better alternative! VIR cables were only used up until the 1950s because experience proves that they are unsafe and hazardous. Why would you compromise your and your family’s safety when you can opt for a safer choice, right? 

Electrical installation standard in Australia 

As mentioned earlier, VIR cables no longer meet Australian standards for electrical safety. Having outdated electrical items on your property can be extremely dangerous. To meet the new safety regulations, it is highly recommended to replace VIR cables with new ones such as Thermoplastic sheathed electrical cables. 


VIR cables don’t age well. These cables contain materials that are not designed to last for decades. As a result, your risk of electrical shocks, fires, and injuries is higher. It can also lead to inconsistent power flow that can damage your appliances at home. In other words, keeping a VIR cable wiring system at home puts you, your family, and your home in danger.  

Any power points that have been produced with this wiring need replacement immediately. 

VIR cables are considered unsafe by many standards 

The VIR rubber insulation weakens over the years and cracks and can cause electrical hazards. You don’t want that, right?  

VIR cables – big nope! 

If your home has VIR cables, then it’s best to find an electrician to come and take a look at them. The only permanent solution is to find a qualified electrician to replace all VIR wiring in your house.  

Feel safer at home and have them replaced! 

Capital Home Electrical is a team of experts in all types of cabling and wiring systems. If you ever feel the need to upgrade your wiring system, just call us and we’ll take it from there.  

Don’t waste another second! You’re just a phone call away from a safer, more secure home. Give us a ring! 02 6100 2353 

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