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Thanks for your Enquiry!

Take a moment to find out how it all began for Capital Home Electrical…

Capital Home Electrical was established to deliver quality, engineered electrical solutions from design, manufacturing, implementation, commissioning and ongoing service and maintenance.

As local electricians, we are proud to provide the Canberra region with extraordinary service and quality for all of your electrical needs.

I strongly believe that customers buy who you are, not what you sell . . .

Matt Young was born and raised in Queanbeyan. He still lives in Queanbeyan. He has a beautiful young family and an amazing and supportive partner. When he’s not working on his business he’s usually spending time with family and friends, playing golf with mates, and depending on the time of year doing a bit of snowboarding. He loves to travel and experience new and exciting things.

Matt Young, Electrician, Capital Home Electrical
Matt Young

 Matt started his electrical apprenticeship straight out of college in 2009. He worked for a handful of electrical companies gathering experience as he worked his way up the ladder so to speak. He’s held positions as a construction electrician, leading hand, site foreman, project manager and project estimator. These management roles helped Matt develop a keen interest in business and the desire to be a business owner began to grow. It was around this time, those of you who’ve read the book “the e myth” may understand, Matt had his first entrepreneurial seizure. For those unfamiliar with the term the book defines the term as “the moment the entrepreneur decides it would be a great idea to start his or her own business.” From that moment onward he was consumed with the idea of his own business and would not be able to satisfy this thought without at least having a go. In April last year, quite a few opportunities presented themselves to Matt, all at the same time, and he decided to take the plunge. He quit his job and went into working for himself full time. Since then he’s managed to acquire many new residential customers through referrals, which is evidence that Capital Home Electrical are achieving a level of customer satisfaction Matt envisioned when he started the business. The vision he has for his business moving forward is to become a larger sized residential and commercial electrical service and repairs provider. Capital Home Electrical service customers such as property managers, body corporates, home owners and building managers. Before he started the business he would always look around and see the way things were done by other electrical companies. Customers he would service on the side of his full time job would always have similar comments about electricians and other trades they had used. It seemed that potential customers of electricians all had similar problems and fears. They would say things like:

  • The tradie they had hired would turn up late or not at all.
  • They would charge excessivley or just plain rip the customer off.
  • They would lack the knowledge or experience to actually the fix the problem they were called for.
  • They would do the job with no care at all, leaving a poor finish and a big mess for the home owner to clean up.

 Although Matt thought these things would be common sense to avoid, the feedback received indicated the opposite. From this Matt created his company values.