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Switchboard Upgrade Canberra – 5 Reasons You Should Do It

switchboard upgrade canberra ACT

Switchboard Upgrade Canberra

Switchboard upgrade Canberra focuses on tidying up wiring and updating unsafe elements within your switchboard. To ensure the safety of your family at home, it’s best to know why it’s important to upgrade your switchboard and when is the best time to do it. 

Switchboards relay electricity to circuits and outlets. Overlooking faults within your switchboard can cause damage. This can also put your family at risk.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade your switchboard: 

Updated electrical safety requirements 

As our electricity needs rise, the demands on switchboards rise too. Australia is constantly updating its electrical safety requirements. Switchboards that were standard before can be unsafe and negligent now. Outdated switchboards can cause fires, electric shocks, and blown fuses.  

With switchboards as the control centres of your electrical system at home, it’s best to have an upgrade. 

Also, renovating or extending the size of your home requires extra power to supply all your electrical needs. A switchboard with modern elements and safety features, and modern circuit breakers can warrant a safer home. 

Faulty Switchboard (old ceramic fuses, old fuse boxes, replaceable wires & fuses, old wiring)   

Old switchboards rely on replaceable wires and fuses. This increases fire risks at your home, especially with increased electricity consumption, which can cause fuses to blow and circuit breakers to become less effective. When that happens, your system may overload, and that can cause elements on your switchboard to melt as they overheat, eventually catching fire. 

Old ceramic fuses were never designed to cater to modern homes and appliances on them. Fuses that blow again and again are a sign that you need an upgrade since your electrical system can no longer keep up with the demand.  

Switchboard elements are more likely to get overloaded during the summer and winter months. Make sure to call a qualified electrician to help you in choosing the most switchboard upgrade for you. 

No safety switches or residual current devices (RCDs) 

RCDs provide a greater deal of protection against electric shock. There’s no way you can make your home safe if you don’t have an RCD. It’s mandatory in the country to have an RCD fitted to the power point circuit of every home to protect residents from electrical accidents. Not having one can expose your family to potentially fatal electrical accidents. 

Call a licensed electrician to install an RCD in your switchboard or have your switchboards checked if it’s time for an upgrade. 

Save money on electrical services 

Outdated switchboards require regular maintenance and attention that can cost you a lot more than having an upgrade. Modern and new switchboards now have RCDs and circuit breakers that lessen the likelihood of having them repaired by an electrician. You can reset the circuit yourself in a safe manner when it trips. 

Health risk 

Old switchboards can contain asbestos. Exposure to asbestos can cause several health conditions, especially lung diseases. It’s best to have an updated switchboard to minimize health risks. Read more here.

Modern Switchboard Safety Features 

  1. Fast activating circuit breakers 
  1. Safety switches or residual current devices (RCDs) 
  1. Surge protectors – Shuts off power to individual circuits if they overload, surge, or electrical faults happen. 

It’s time for a switchboard upgrade! And when you finally have found yourself looking for licensed electricians, you can trust Capital Home Electrical to provide you with prompt and expert care. We will help you find the most suitable switchboard for your house. Call us! 02 6100 2353 

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