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Smart Ways to Cut Airconditioning Costs Canberra  

Cut airconditioning cost canberra

Cut Airconditioning Costs Canberra  – As temperatures in Canberra start to rise, it’s natural to want to turn on the air conditioning and keep cool. When summer rolls around, many people turn to their trusty air conditioning units to stay cool. While air conditioning can provide much-needed relief from the heat, it’s important to keep in mind that running your unit for extended periods of time can result in high energy bills. 

With a few simple tips, you can cut airconditioning costs Canberra and save money without sacrificing comfort. 

Install a programmable thermostat 

A programmable thermostat lets you set your air conditioner to turn on and off automatically based on your schedule. That way, you can avoid cooling an empty house or running your air conditioner at full blast all day. Plus, many models allow you to control your thermostat from your phone, so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere. This can be a great way to save money on air conditioning costs. 

Keep your unit well-maintained 

Regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit will help it run efficiently and prevent costly repairs down the road. You can clean or replace filters often, check your unit for leaks and blockages, and have it professionally serviced at least three times a year to keep it in top condition. 

Seal air leaks in your home 

Air leaks around doors, windows, and ductwork can cause your air conditioning to work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy bills. To prevent this, make sure your home is properly sealed. Check for drafts around windows and doors and seal any gaps with weatherstripping or caulking. 

Use ceiling fans 

Ceiling fans can help circulate air and make a room feel cooler without using as much energy as an air conditioner. Using ceiling fans in conjunction with your air conditioning lets you set your thermostat a few degrees higher and still feel comfortable. 

Take Advantage of Natural Shade 

Canberra has plenty of beautiful trees, so take advantage of them to keep your home cooler. Plant trees strategically to provide natural shade for your home and block out the sun’s rays. You can also use awnings, curtains, and blinds to keep the sun from heating up your home. 

Use energy-saving settings on AC unit 

Many modern air conditioning units come with energy-saving settings that can help you save money on your cooling costs. By using these settings, your unit will work less and use energy more efficiently. 

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