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Evnex: Your Top Choice for Solar-Powered EV Chargers 

EV Chargers Canberra

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and eco-friendly transportation solutions is rising. Introducing Evnex, a brand that leads the way in innovative charging solutions and champions environmental responsibility and social equity. At Capital Home Electrical, we are excited to introduce our partnership with Evnex, an Australian brand renowned for its solar-powered EV chargers Canberra.  

Here’s why Evnex should be your top choice: 

Reducing Carbon Footprint 

Evnex acknowledges that while electric vehicles are cleaner options, they still leave a carbon footprint. Through their solar-powered EV chargers, they strive to diminish this impact. By integrating renewable energy into the charging process, they’re not just promoting the future, but actively crafting it.  By choosing Evnex, you’re not just investing in a reliable EV charger; you’re contributing to a greener future 

Cloud Connectivity 

Evnex chargers offer the convenience of cloud connectivity, bringing control to your fingertips. Through your mobile device, you can effortlessly manage your charging sessions and access your charging history. This functionality allows you to schedule charge times, start and stop charging remotely, and even prioritise faster charging times over solar charging, providing you with complete control over your charging experience. 

Harnessing Solar Power 

One of Evnex’s standout features is its solar-powered charging capability. These chargers are designed to optimize locally generated solar energy, ensuring that your EV chargers use clean, renewable power.  

Evnex’s innovative technology measures your home’s power usage and generation. If excess solar power is detected, the charger initiates your EV’s charging session, matching the charging speed with available solar energy. 

Innovative Design for a Circular Economy 

Evnex chargers aren’t just functional; they’re designed with sustainability in mind. Manufactured in New Zealand, these chargers are meticulously crafted with the circular economy in mind. They are packaged without single-use plastics, minimizing environmental impact. When the time comes for your EV charger to retire, you can send it back to Evnex for proper recycling, further contributing to the eco-friendly cycle. 

Choose Capital Home Electrical & Evnex for Your EV Chargers Canberra

Capital Home Electrical is your trusted partner when installing EV chargers and handling various electrical works. Our expertise and commitment to quality ensure that your EV charging setup is seamless and efficient. 

As trusted partners of Evnex, Capital Home Electrical takes pride in not just providing you with superior EV chargers, but in ensuring we seamlessly integrate them into your life. Our expertise extends beyond installation, covering all your electrical requirements. From EV charger setup to comprehensive electrical solutions, we have you covered. 

Make the sustainable choice today and join us in shaping a cleaner, greener future with Evnex