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EV Charger Installation? We got you! 

EV Charger Installation

EV charger Installation in Canberra? Well, you’re not alone! Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining in popularity as people become more conscious of the environmental impact of traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. One of the challenges that EV owners face is finding a reliable and convenient way to charge their vehicles. Installing an EV charger at home is a great way to address this issue, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. 

Things to know before EV Charger Installation 

Choose the right type of charger 

There are three types of EV chargers – Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers. Level 1 chargers are the slowest, taking up to 20 hours to fully charge your vehicle. Level 2 chargers are faster, taking between 4-8 hours, while DC fast chargers are the fastest, taking only 30-60 minutes. 

Consider your electrical system 

The electrical system in your home will determine the type of charger you can install. It’s important to make sure that your electrical system can handle the power requirements of your chosen charger. 

Determine where to install your charger 

You should install your EV charger in a location that’s easily accessible and close to your car. It’s also important to ensure that the location you choose is safe and compliant with local regulations. 

Hire a licensed electrician 

Installing an EV charger is not a DIY project. You should always hire a licensed electrician to ensure that your charger’s installation is safe and correctly. 

Check for incentives 

Depending on where you live, there may be incentives available to help offset the cost of your EV charger installation. Check with your local government or utility company to see if you qualify for any incentives. 

Understand the maintenance requirements 

EV chargers require regular maintenance to ensure that they’re working properly. Make sure you understand the maintenance requirements for your charger and schedule regular inspections and cleaning as needed. 

Plan for the future 

If you’re planning on buying another EV in the future, it’s a good idea to install a charger with a higher power output to accommodate multiple vehicles. 

Choose a reputable installer for EV Charger Installation

When it comes to installing an EV charger in Canberra, choose Capital Home Electrical. With years of experience, a team of licensed electricians, and a commitment to providing high-quality service, Capital Home Electrical is the best choice for your EV charger installation needs. 

Capital Home Electrical for EV Charger Installation

Installing an EV charger at home is a great way to ensure that your electric vehicle is always charged and ready to go. Choose the right type of charger for your needs, ensure that it’s installed in a convenient location, and trust the experts at Capital Home Electrical to get the job done right. Call us! 02 6100 2353.

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