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Tips To Avoid Electrical Emergencies During Holidays

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Electrical emergencies can happen at any time, and during holidays they are even more likely to occur. With simple preparation, you can avoid these emergencies and have a safe and happy holiday season. Here are some tips on how to plan ahead and avoid an electrical emergency during holidays: 

1. Plan ahead for the holidays. As the holidays approach, it’s always a good idea to start preparing for potential electrical emergencies during holidays. You should list important phone numbers and instructions for household members in case of an emergency. Have emergency supplies on hand, such as flashlights & extra batteries. 

2. Check for potential hazards. It’s important to inspect your home for any potential hazards that might pose a threat to your safety during the holiday season. One way to do so is to check your home for any exposed wires or other safety hazards. You should also check all your smoke detectors and replace the batteries if necessary. 

3. Practice fire safety. Stay aware of fire hazards during the holiday season and practice fire safety. Make sure to never throw candles or light candles near flammable objects, and always blow out candles before leaving a room unattended. You should also make sure to keep children and pets away from lit candles. 

4. Avoid overloading outlets. When using lights and other electrical appliances in your home this holiday season, you should avoid overloading your electrical outlets. Make sure you turn off any appliances that you are not using and unplug any other electrical devices that are not in use. 

5. Keep your home properly maintained. To keep your home properly maintained and prevent potential electrical problems, it’s important to keep your home’s electrical system in good working order. Be sure to have your electrical work regularly inspected to ensure it is working properly and safe for use. 

6. Contact a licensed electrician to inspect your wiring and electrical equipment at least once a year. Electrical inspections are necessary to ensure that your home’s electrical system is in good working order and safe for use. 

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