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Meet The Team

Matt Young - Capital Home Electrical Director

Matt Young


You can tell a lot about a person by the way they light up their surroundings. Matt lights up the room with his energy and excitement for helping people create beautiful homes. He has always had a passion for improving his community through his work and feels the same about helping our clients create a safer and better environment for themselves and their families.

Matt is the Director at Capital Home Electrical and has over 15 years of experience working as an electrician in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Sam Rhodes

 Senior electrician/service manager

If you’ve ever been to Sam’s house, you know that he’s not one to mess around. He puts his shocks on before his shoes and has the entire electrical system of the house running through his veins. We’re talking about a guy who can tell you what’s wrong with your electrical system in less than five minutes and then fix it in no time!

He’s also got a good sense of humor and a big heart, so rest assured you’ll always have someone to turn to when you find yourself in an electrical pickle.

Brent Williams


Brent is the funniest guy in the group. He’s always cracking jokes and making people laugh, which is just the way he rolls. If you were to ask him what his favourite thing about being funny is, he would say that it’s the feeling of pride he gets after making someone laugh.

He also thinks that a good joke is one that doesn’t lose its punch with age, so if you’ve heard one before, chances are you’ve likely heard it from him. His quick wit and sense of humour are two of his best qualities, and he makes an excellent addition to our team here at Capital Home Electrical.

Timothy Macarthur

Junior Electrician

Tim is Capital Home Electrical’s first apprentice. He’s in his third year of apprenticeship and he’s been a good student so far–he’s always following the rules, and he never complains about the work. It’s impressive, to say the least.

He’s also a pretty good guy. He doesn’t like to talk about himself much because he doesn’t want to brag, but we can tell you this: he’s a pretty nice guy that just wants to learn and get better at what he does.

Christopher Mickleson

Junior Electrician

Chris is a newbie, but he has the potential to be a star. He’s got a great attitude and loves learning new things. He has already shown that he has the makings of a great electrician at Capital Home Electrical, and we’re excited to see what he can accomplish in the next few years.

He’s always looking for ways to improve his skills and take on bigger challenges.

Shanine Pepito

Operations Assistant

Shanine is a true queen of the office. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly, but it’s her heart for customer satisfaction that sets her apart from other employees.

She is always finding ways to improve customer satisfaction, making sure that every customer has a positive experience and gets what they need. So if you have a problem, she’ll solve it for you. Don’t worry about asking for help-she’ll be there for you in a heartbeat.

She doesn’t just work hard – she loves what she does. And it shows!

Cat Ledesma

Office Manager

If you’re looking for someone who will solve problems with wit and verve, Cat is your person. As the office manager, she’s responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business and keeping everyone on track and on schedule. She’s in charge of making sure things get done around here, no matter what it takes.

Cat is a recent addition to the company, but she’s quickly become a valuable member of the office staff.