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Top Electrical Problems at Home and Easy Ways to Solve Them

Frequent Electrical Outages 

Circuits tripping, wiring problems or a blown fuse causes electrical outages. Hence, it’s important to consult an electrician to help you find the source of the problem. 

High Electricity Bill 

One good way to reduce your electricity bill is to unplug appliances, chargers, and any electrical equipment when not in use. Plugged-in equipment, even when not in use, consumes electricity, hence the increase in your electric bill. 

Also, damaged circuits and wiring, short-circuiting, and old equipment can result in surges and overcharges in electricity bills. Consult an electrician to find the main cause of the problem.  


Overloading a circuit is connecting too much electrical equipment to one circuit. Consequently, this can cause frequent dimming and over brightness at first, and then tripping of the breaker. In worst cases, overloaded circuits can cause electrical fires. 

What you can do: 

  • Remove devices that are not in use. 
  • Spread electrical equipment around. Don’t overburden a single circuit. 
  • Never daisy-chain power boards. 

Damaged light switches 

A shoddy workmanship and sub-standard products can trigger damages in your switches. It can also be caused by switches that have been superseded and fixtures removed. 

In addition, some switch mechanisms also melt inside which increases the dangers for the people who are using them.  

It’s important to call an electrician as soon as you realize that a switch has stopped working properly. 

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Tripping circuit breakers 

man throwing circuit breaker at residential service panel

Circuit breakers help protect your home whenever it detects an anomaly. Overloading causes the tripping of circuit breakers. Circuit breakers can trip on high-wattage equipment like microwaves, hairdryers, irons, dishwashers, dryers, or any blenders. Finding the equipment that causes the trip will help you reduce its use, which will then prevent electrical overload.  

Electrical shocks 

Faulty appliances and wirings cause electrical shocks which can be very serious/lethal. It would be highly recommended to call an electrician to do the job for you, instead of testing if the shock is reproducible yourself.

Overheating Power Outlets 

Melting in the electrical outlets is never good news. Overloaded circuits or damaged outlets often cause this. Importantly, overheating outlets need to be fixed as soon as possible. 

Unplug any outlet or device near the damaged circuit or shut off your electricity supply in that room if possible. Make sure to call an electrician to repair the outlet for you.  


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